Acquiescent Soul

Jesus, sex, politics, life, parenting, ministry… you name it, I'll probably talk about it at some point.

Skinny Doesn’t Equal Healthy

I've been skinny, well, pretty much my whole life. I know this probably makes many of you pretty mad. And if that didn't make you mad, the fact that I was skinny without even trying probably will. No? How about... Continue Reading →


Four Seasons

And I am all alone This broken cold floor is a replica of my soul My hands share my agony As I try to cover up my tragedy The pieces of my being like water drops easing down the drain... Continue Reading →

Then Screams My Soul

There is a war going on inside of me! A war that I have little to no control over, and yet, maybe I have more control than I originally thought. It's the same war that I believe Paul wrote about... Continue Reading →

Does God want America to be “Great Again?”

As much as I could sit here and tell you everything that is wrong with each candidate of this upcoming election, I won't. Mainly because I am (and you probably are too) sick of reading how both of the major... Continue Reading →

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